Violent Man Biography


It went down on a cold winter’s night. It was going down in the building right in front of me. The deal where two small-time drug crews were to meet and discuss plans to unite. They were to join forces and divi up the benefits from their so-called turfs and territories. So my sources revealed. These guys did it all. Extortion, loan sharking, racketeering, kidnapping, murder, etc. That is just to name a few. And all of them were in that one building. But it does not faze me much. I have a deed to fulfill. I am not concerned with what they do, or what they have done. However, a select few of others are. Others, who felt that they have been wronged. Consider a certain group of family members whom decided that they have had just about enough. Yes. But not your typical family if you know what I mean. However, I’ll introduce you to them a little later. So who do they get to rectify this problem? Who else, but yours truly? That’s right. Send in the tough guy and see if he’s worthy enough. And I don’t know if I should’ve been honored that they sent me by myself, or angry that this should’ve been a suicide mission. The fuck were they trying to pull? I’d show them though. And I’d take it out on these flour heads in that building just for making my employers send me out here in the first place. How do you like that philosophy?

So there I was waiting at a corner bodega. Standing there looking as though I lost something. I have spent about a half of an hour waiting and circling the block now as an attempt to elude suspicion and possible harassment from your local police. With every short trek I tried to keep track of anyone going in or out of the building through the number of cars they had parked outside. They were quite a few colorful and expensive ones at that. Every once in awhile I had to keep repeating to myself that this was for the thrill baby. The currency I was to receive for this job helped me to stay focused as well. All I had for an arsenal was a bulletproof vest complete with iron leg pads, and a fully loaded handgun with two extra clips in my coat pocket. All I needed. I wasn’t there to take on an army. It was just one person who was my target, and that target was none other than a guy named Tony “the tomahawk” Texas. He was some hustler from the west who decided to expand his horizons here in the big apple. That family I referred to earlier just wanted to make him into an example. I figured that I’d most likely have to throw in a few others though. As more time passed I felt myself growing more impatient and tense, but soon got a grip when I saw the front doors open.

Out they came into the streets laughing and cracking jokes. Instantly I spotted Tony. He was a slim tough faced looking fellow. He also dressed fancy, donning Shark skinned shoes, black leather suit with a long leather coat to match, hat with the feather and a huge high quality grade platinum ring laced with diamonds. This gentleman was apparently living the good life. Not for long. It was time for me to make the move. I cocked back my peacemaker as they made their way to their vehicles. About seven of them were with him. I put on the ski mask that I had tucked in my coat pocket and started across the street. Tony and two others already got into his car as the others headed for their own. Of course, I made my way to the one that contained Tony. He was in the backseat when I approached. He turned and noticed the toast aimed directly at him. At the same time, he somehow managed to duck instantly as I fired five shots through the car window. I do not know if the first one hit, but I am damn sure that the other four got him something severely. As I backed up I fired four more shots into the front of the car to deter the other goons from jumping out. Just before I turned to run I could not only see guys coming out from the other cars, but from out of the building as well. A barrage of shots rang out at me as I turned the corner. Now I was running full speed down the block like a broad barely escaping a mugger. I’m sweating bullets and I could feel my chest pounding heavy. Did I underestimate the fact that an army of angry killers would be chasing me? They must have hit the block I was on pretty quick too, for I heard shots ring out just before I swung into the alleyway of abandoned buildings. I jumped onto the fire escape ladder and made my way up. As I looked down I spotted only three of them. Only three? The others must have gone a different route. I emptied the remainder of my clip at them striking down one and wounding the other. The one still able returned fire as I jumped into the building. There, I waited for him to come up, but as I slowly peered outside could see him and the other wounded guy running back out the other end. What do I do now? I thought for a moment and then reloaded another clip. I had one extra left now. I went up the stairwell heading for the roof. As soon as I opened the door a shot zipped by barely missing my head. This startled me so that I fell back down the stairs hitting my head on a rusty pipe. Though a little disoriented I had to keep moving. Who knew where else they could be waiting? Fuck it. I’m running out blasting and I will not stop until I am long gone.

I rushed madly down the stairs to another floor as I heard footsteps above me. Forced out onto the fire escape, I found myself heading back down to where I first entered. It was a wild and desperate move. The body I laid there earlier was still in that spot. This was not thrill anymore. This was terror. I continued back through the alleyway from which first entered and came upon a fence that I hopped faster than a bullfrog. Somehow I came up behind two of them. How they didn’t hear me approach is still baffling. I didn’t want to open fire as it would attract attention, but I had no choice. I was getting closer now and they would surely turn around and notice me. So I fired two into the back of one and ended up in a brief struggle with the other. I backed up tripping over a garbage can as he came right up on me, pistol drawn and squeezed off. Pale I must’ve turned in the split second that occurred, but I must be the God’s nephew for no shots came forth. If he was on empty, then it was time for me to fill him back up again. He fumbled around with his gun trying to figure out what was wrong with it, but he knew it was hopeless. I aimed right at his dome and filled his head full of knowledge. Next time you’re reincarnated into this situation – make sure you don’t forget to bring a working gun. As he dropped I felt overwhelming relief, but soon realized that more would come with even more bullets now. It was a must that I get off foot.

I reloaded my last clip and continued down the other dark end of the alley. As I entered out onto the other side of the block it was just my luck to happen upon a man about to get into his vehicle. I grabbed him and threw him to the ground pointing the biscuit right at him, just to let him know I meant business. Got the keys off and banged up the car a bit in my haste to get out of the parking space. Just as I was pulling out the opposing group appeared for a couple yards. I started blasting at them as I sped off. They answered back without delay as a barrage of bullets slammed through and into the car smashing the rear windows and cracking the windshield. As I glimpsed through the rear view mirror I could see that one of them shot the guy that I had car-jacked. Apparently they just wanted to kill out of anger or frustration. Once out of sight I took off the mask, which was now damp with sweat and parked the car after only a couple of blocks. I did not want to take the chance of getting pulled over by your local police in a car tagged with fresh new bullet holes. As I slammed the car door the front windshield just shattered. “No finger prints,” I thought removing my gloves while heading for the nearest train station.

On the ride home my tension was eased. A sudden rush came over me from the station to my apartment. I reflected on how it all went down. I was sure Tony Texas was no longer with us. As I removed my garments I noticed something startling. There were about three bullets lodged into my armor – two in the leg pads and the one in the upper back of the vest. Could I have been hit and not felt a thing? How is this possible? Was it because I was too tense and pumped on adrenaline? Nah, not just that. It‘s because I was Non – and this is the Biography of a Violent Man,Biography Book Reviews Popular Urban Books ,Extortion Book

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